Discipline: Residential Apartments
Completion: 2001
Value: £2.8 million

collinghallgreen LTD initially recommended carrying out a feasibility design assessment to establish the relative costs for reinforced concrete/load bearing masonry

As against a steel frame. The results of this exercise proved to our Client that the concrete/masonry scheme was the most cost effective.

Marlborough House has a car park at ground floor level, necessitating a significant reinforced concrete load transfer deck to ensure all loads from above were transferred to Points in the car park where elements of structure could be located.

The superstructure was constructed utilising deep pre-cast concrete floors, spanning up to 8.6 metres and supported on 215 mm blockwork walls. This was complicated by the irregular shape of the apartments at each floor level, with no apartments having the same layout.

The roof is a lightweight steel structure which cantilevers dramatically in several areas. Lateral stability has been provided by reinforced concrete stair and lift cores.

This project gave us a great opportunity to design innovatively to deliver the Architects vision for the building and this was achieved within tight timescales and to the anticipated budget for the project.

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