Location: Sheffield City Centre
Discipline: Residential Apartments
Completion: 2012
Value: £1.1 million

Working on the outskirts of the City Centre, collinshallgreen LTD are re-developing this Brownfield site which has challenging levels and tight restraints.

Constructing a combination of private apartments, student accommodation, a public house, convenience store the project has many aspects to it.

With of 10 m height difference between adjacent phases, a substantial retaining wall has been designed incorporating temporary sheet piling, permanent ground anchors and a reinforced concrete structure.

The main structures are a combination of steel framed with composite decked floors, load bearing masonry and with both piled foundations and traditional foundations.

The careful positioning of attenuation devices for surface water storage, party wall stability issues associated with a listed 5 storey tower, public house and apartment block on three sides of the site,

Have all necessitated a considerable level of attention to detail.

Sheffield has been extensively mined in the past and the resulting voids under the site have required grouting.

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