Discipline: Civil
Value: $100+ million

We have been working continuously in Azerbaijan and Georgia from 1995 on a range of on-shore based projects to support the off-shore drilling and pipeline works that are the core of the oil exploration and extraction industry.

Our early works involved the conversion of former Soviet buildings and upgrading of the jetty as a temporary supply arrangement.  The activity level now outgrown that early facility and we have completed the design and supervision of the extension and improvements of the jetty, the installation of large storage tanks (up to 800 tones), new warehouses, offices, ancillary buildings, and road and rail links necessary to supply the offshore drilling programme in the Caspian Sea.


  • $7.5 million Jetty and 
  • $38.5 million Office 
  • $35 million logistics 
  • $7.5 million 
  • $30 million Sangashal Office Headquarters – indesign
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