Environmental Policy

collinshallgreen LTD is a Nottingham based consulting engineering Partnership which primarily designs building structures and their associated infrastructure.

  • As consulting engineers we place great importance to protecting the environment and have developed a policy to demonstrate this commitment.
  • It is the policy of the employer to take all reasonable steps to ensure that as engineers our designs and specifications are environmentally friendly, minimize pollution risks to both human and the environment to the extent that both the scheme and our brief will enable.
  • The employer will inform clients wherever possible of environmental methods of construction or alternative materials which will enhance a scheme from an environmental perspective considering sustainability and life cycle costs as part of this exercise.
  • It is the Directors policy to lead a project for promoting the partnerships environmental policy objectives and to make all reasonable efforts to implement these on all projects and to ensure that all members of the practice through awareness and training implement these policies.
  • As a practice we aim to stay abreast off current legislation and to promote best environmental practice and products that minimize energy usage and waste, encourage the re-use of materials and improve efficiency of construction methods.
  • Through the management of all aspects of a scheme from site clearance pre construction, erection and ultimate demolition of a scheme the Directors are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the structures to which they are involved as designers.
  • The partnership will co-operate and actively seek to comply with those specific requirements of our clients and co-designers for the benefit of the project from an environmental perspective.
  • The Partnerships policy is to review this environmental statement annually.